When people in St. Louis need to hire General Contractors in St. Louis, Mo, State of Missouri, and Nationwide they trust Contract Finders, a Nationwide Company that vets General Contractor & Home Repair Companies. At ContractFinders.Com we solve this solution by finding contractors in all 50 States and the properly vetting them. We require contractors to pass an exhaustive background check, license verifications, and many other steps before we give them access to our company referall site. Once they are live on our site they are easily searched in all 50 States and all major cities in North America. ContractFinder.Com Corporate Office is located in St. Louis, Missouri. People choose us over Home Advisor due to the simplicity for our clients and contractors. The user experience is always the key when providing a service and we have simplified this process. At Contract Finders we blow away the competition when it comes to finding a Contractor for your next project.

10 Point Verification Vs. 2 Points at Home Advisor

Fraud Investigations


Better Business Bureau Complaints

Lawsuits Check

Nationwide Criminal History

Law Enforcement Grade Background Investigations


Licesning Requirements

Years in Service

Uniforms & Vehicles with Logos

Why Consumers & Service Providers Choose us Over Home Advisor

People are able to easily navigate and just hire a service provider

Interactions are Safer between clients and service providers

Background Checks are done the correct way

Less hassle business model for Service Providers

We do not charge for leads

We simply list the contractors

We do not act as an uneccessary middle man

Our website is not confusing and way over done

Services Offered

Painting & Fencing


Electrical & Plumbing

Flooring & Roofing

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Heating & Cooling

Home Security Consulting

Computer Services


Tuck Pointing & Concrete Pouring

Cabinets & Carpentry Work

Handyman Services

Appliance Repair

Cleaning Services


Home Repair & Home Contractor Services Nationwide

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